What are we for?

Rye Harbour has been managed by successive harbour authorities over the years, the current managers are the Environment Agency. It is important that the users of the harbour can get help and advice and be represented.

The Rye Harbour boat owner’s association membership has a representative place on the Harbour of Rye Advisory Committee “HORAC” This committee meets three times a year and discusses the running of the harbour. The interests of the boat owner are hopefully taken into account and solutions and compromises’ are found.

There is also an associated Finance and General purpose’s committee that meets separately.

It’s fair to say that RHBOA has been responsible for steering the successive authorities and ensuring we are able to exercise our right of navigation and fair prices for harbour fees etc.

Please use the contact form or email RHBOA with any concerns you may have on harbour issues; also there are links to the Environment Agency’s Rye Harbour office.

Our email address is: OURRHBOA@gmail.com.

As well as the politics the “boat owners” have occasional social events for example the “Rye Maritime Festival” was conceived by RHBOA and is now run jointly with Rye Harbour Sailing Club.

RHBOA Committee members

Current RHBOA committee:  Denis Davies (President), Charles Bronsdon (Chairman), Denis May (Treasurer), Stuart Pope (Social secretary), Sue Bronsdon (Secretary), Mike Roud , Rod Scott, .