RHBOA Announcements

From a member:
I am just letting you know that Dennis had his catalytic converter stolen and an attempted theft of car cat number 2!
We also had the metal thieves back.....same people? I notice a number of stainless items gone including the incinerator I had made for Dennis.
Just letting you know for the members. I also noticed some commercial waste from a restaurant....possibly Indian. Maybe third party or direct....who knows!
There are less and less people to police our yard now so very vulnerable.


A member of the RHBOA whose boat is moored at the Strand Rye has been broken into and a large number of items stolen. The following are just some of the parts that have been taken including a copper Pansy charcoal heater. A nice wind up Danish made 6 inch clock and barometer. The wooden gangway. The brass light fittings. All the brass hooks and fittings. Smart battery charger.
As it is the time for boat jumbles they are sort of thing that would be for sale. I ask any member that  may be going to a boat jumble to keep an eye open for any of the missing items especially the Pansy heater.